Team locations and travel

Travel varies - our closest rivals (both geographically and competitively are less than an hour away) while the furthest coach trip is approximately 5 hours each way.

The only exception to this is Belfast, which relies upon flight schedules, and can require a stopover.

The league structure of 3 conferences with most games within your own conference mean that travel time is kept to a minimum.

Sheffield is centrally placed though and journeys are not arduous.

The payoff for both players and family is clear:-

  • no long road trips
  • normally back home the same night
  • minimal time away from the family

The EIHL rinks vary across the clubs, from general purpose arenas of 5000-8000 capacity ( hosting other events as well as Ice Hockey ), to purpose built rinks of 2000-3000 capacity.
With 24 games at home and 12 road games against fellow "arena teams" this means that 65% of your season will be played in front of arena-sized crowds.

Rod Sarich gets 2 minutes

Our captain versus Dundee