The EIHL teams play for three trophies throughout the season :-

  • Challenge Cup
  • League Championship
  • Playoff Trophy



The League and the Playoffs

Unlike North America, the EIHL league championship is a very, very big goal to all the EIHL clubs, and is commonly seen as more important than the Playoffs.
The league championship is very much the primary trophy with the Steelers having won that more often than any other club.

Many North Americans when first playing over here have difficulty adjusting to the league season not being "just for position" but also with our playoffs having a single-game "game 7, win or go golfing" approach - similar to the Memorial Cup.

The Playoff weekend

The playoffs themselves don't follow the normal North American format: after the initial qualification, the knockout rounds result in the final four teams going forward to a single play-off weekend in April - with semi-finals on the Saturday, and a final on the Sunday.

The playoff weekend is a celebration of UK hockey, and supporters of all teams in the league come together to make for an unforgettable end of season party.