external shot of flats

Although the specifics of your accomodation will vary slightly depending upon the needs of your personal circumstance (partner, children), these pictures (taken at accomodation for previous seasons), should give you an idea of the style and quality of the housing you will receive.

internal1 internal7 internal2
internal3 internal5 internal6



Although we cannot guarantee the exact nature of the car you will receive, we can promise that the car provided to you will be similar to those pictured here provided in arrangement with our friends and sponsors :-

car1 car2 car3

Driving in the UK

As a North American driver you'll see a few differences here in the UK;
right hand drive,
left hand side of the road,
all those roundabouts ....
a red light over here means "STOP" - under all circumstances
(not like in some states and parts of Canada).