More about the MBA

Unlike an MA or MSc, where concentration on a more narrow specialism is the norm, an MBA widens the net of subjects of study. There are the obvious business influenced subjects of accounting and finance, but also economics, psychology and sociology.

An MBA degree exposes students to a variety of subjects, including:

  • marketing
  • strategic management
  • operations management
  • information technology management
  • supply chain management
  • understanding government policy

and many more.

This is clearly valuable for the "after playing hockey" section of your life.

Steelers MBA graduates

Several players, past and present, have taken advantage of our sponsored MBA.

  • Steve Munn
  • Randy Dagenais
  • Scott Basiuk
  • Neil Clark
  • Kevin Bolibruck
  • Frank Doyle
  • Dustin Kohn
  • Cullen Eddy
  • John DeCaro
  • Matt Stephenson
  • Drew Fata
  • Steven Goertzen
  • Rob Globke
  • Gord Baldwin
  • Colton Fretter
  • John Armstrong
  • Zack Fitzgerald

The Steelers Scholarship offers you the possibility of playing hockey and gaining a qualification which will open employment doors of opportunity for you when the hockey stops.
The MBA offered by the University of Sheffield, and available through the Steelers Scholarship, has now been recognised as meeting the global standard set by the Association of MBA's (AMBA). A host of further information about AMBA is available from their website.

The Management School at Sheffield University is a multi-disciplinary school that offers a vibrant and varied environment for research and teaching, employing over 50 academic staff. The Sheffield MBA is based on the strong tradition at Sheffield University of educational excellence coupled with the long established tradition within the city of business innovation.

Acceditation by AMBA assures candidates of the global quality and relevance of the school's Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme and provides Sheffield, (and graduates of the school) a distinct market advantage and intenational visibility.