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The Sheffield Steelers have a close relationship with the University of Sheffield, which means that the club can offer you the opportunity to study for an MBA ( Master of Business Administration ).

If this particular qualification does not match your needs, there are similar qualifications available under the same scholarship opportunity.

The MBA scholarship carries no cost to you.

According to the results of a 2014 national poll of students, Sheffield University is the best university to study for a degree.

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association of MBA's

The University of Sheffield has been officially accredited by the Association of MBA's (AMBA). A stringent accreditation process has resulted in the Management School joining a list of 128 distinguished business schools in 64 countries that have been similarly accredited for its postgraduate management education programme.

Read more about the Association of MBA's at their website here.


Sheffield University
"I am delighted that the Management School has obtained accreditation from the Association of MBA's. This is an international benchmark that validates the global standard of our MBA programme and represents an important step in the building of a world-class management school at the University of Sheffield."

Professor Keith Glaister,
Dean of the Management School,
University of Sheffield


Read more about the Management School at their website here.


There are 5 Nobel Prize winners associated with Sheffield University

  • 1945 Medicine
    Joseph Hunter
  • 1953 Medicine
    Hans Krebs
  • 1967 Chemistry
    George Porter
  • 1993 Medicine
    Richard Roberts
  • 1996 Chemistry
    Harry Kroto

Higher education in Britain has distinguishing levels of qualification. A degree is either a BA or BSc (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) according to the subject studied. A degree in history for instance would result in a BA, while a degree in computing has a BSc label.
The next level is a "Masters" - MA or MSc (for the same reasons), but with the additional opportunity of MBA (Master of Business Administration).