What we can offer

We are a 'family' club, and our aim is to provide our players and their families with a good quality of life, making sure your family is settled and secure here in Sheffield.

There are various aspects to this that we can help with apart from the obvious one of decent accomodation and transport.

Part of that family security is having good healthcare while you are here and perhaps education opportunities for yourself and partner / spouse.

There are also arrangements and offers from various local businesses to make life that bit more pleasant. The team has a strong supporting network of contacts, providing help and assistance in all manner of areas; from helping settle in, help for families, and because we know how important it is to maintain your contacts back home, help with computers.

Benefits and assistance are provided by various local businesses; from eating out and entertainment, to fitness facilities.



The starting point is a decent and comfortable home for you and your family. We have close links with suppliers of good homes in Sheffield, and supply them with comfortable and good quality furnishings.
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Our links with the University of Sheffield provide access to many courses, including some free and subsidised courses, to assist players to prepare for their futures beyond hockey.
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Good quality cars are provided either to individuals, small groups of players or families depending on the situation.
Read more: housing and transport pageRead more: housing and transport page