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In this section, you will find an overview of the things about the club:

  • the arena we play out of
  • our coach
  • a small context of our club history
  • a list of players ("roll of honour") that we are proud to have worn our colours

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"As a Steelers player, the demands on you are great, and the rewards greater still"

We have always been a 'family' club, with close links with our local community, and our players and their families become a strong part of the wider 'Steelers' family.
We are about much more than just being a hockey team, we are a family and as such families, wives, girlfriends and children are all a part of the Steelers experience.
Over the years many players families have been brought up here in Sheffield, and over the years many couples have had babies here.

"once a player pulls on Steelers colours, they never really come off"

Once you play here, and give your all for the Steelers, you are a part of this team forever.
Players returning here to visit, or even for another team, are always enthusiastically welcomed back by the fanbase, often in a spontaneous and moving way.


Our History

The Sheffield Steelers were formed in 1991 and became (though not immediately) the first fully professional ice hockey club in Britain. We were also the first arena-based team; this gave a distinct flavour to our audience. The Steelers have always targeted the family audience. The age and gender variety through our audience remains - it is not uncommon for 3 generations of the same family to attend.

The Sheffield Steelers are the most successful Ice Hockey team in the UK, but our successes on the ice are only part of the Steelers story.

Over the years we have forged strong links with the Sheffield community, and this is repaid in the genuine affection Sheffield people have for the team and its players. There are many local recreational players who have taken up the game because of a school visit from a Steelers player.

The visibility and approachability of players is a contrast to many other sports.

We are very proud that father-son players are forming part of our history:
Ben O'Connor (current member of the Steelers squad) and father Mike are the first father and son pairing to have worn Steelers colours. Ben played in Canada, France and Kazakhstan before being persuaded to settle back in Sheffield with his home team.

In 1991 Ron Shudra was a founding member of Sheffield Steelers; he married and settled in Sheffield; his son Cole signed apprenticeship papers in 2016 and is now taking his first professional steps with Sheffield Steelers.

For more information about our success on the ice, ... Read more: playing history page.

Our Rink

We have great playing and training facilities here in Sheffield - a 9600 seat arena for games and a twin pad training rink. Read more: Sheffield Arena

Inside our arena