You won't be short of things to do in Sheffield, with a wide variety of entertainment venues :-

  • several first class theatres; the Lyceum and Crucible theatres - Check out Whats On' here and a little history here
  • there are many cinema screens for you to choose from:
    • Cineworld
    • Vue
    • The Light
    • Curzon - a boutique cinema of 3 screens, 36 seats maximum, showing mainstream and "arthouse" films
    • Showroom - a cinema but also a meeting place for lunch, beer and art presentation
  • Clubs like Boardwalk, SNAFU, Plug, and pubs like The Grapes, Frog & Parrot and Trippets offer free/cheap gigs by local bands of most genres on a weekly basis, also live acts and salsa etc at Cubana.
  • The Devonshire Quarter 'Urban Village' with its mix of shops, bars and entertainment
  • Sheffield music scene is thriving so plenty of opportunity for free/cheap nights out
  • many, many opportunities for a variety of nights out

There are many options for a night out; so many that we could not possibly cover them all here. In short Sheffield is a university town with over 50,000 students so there has to be something to please every taste.


Sheffield has many outstanding pubs - all well-stocked with a wide range of beers that it's possible you won't have heard of. There are pubs ...

  • where skittles is played at one end
  • which will give you beer if you turn up and play music (guitar, sing or just clap)
  • with such a wide range of beers, they have to publish menus.

There are sports bars with blaring screens; there are pubs which refuse to play music as it gets in the way of conversation; there is even a pub which claims to be haunted; there are pubs with a longer history than many countries; it would be impossible for you not to find a pub you would like.

If you are from the USA, please note that beer in Britain is not served "warm"; it is however not served gut-wrenchingly cold.

If you are from Europe, you will also be able to find the Belgian and Czech beers that you may be used to.

BUT NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE FROM, you will be able to find a welcoming and friendly pub serving superb beer - the conversation you'll have to supply yourself.

There are more than 12 breweries inside Sheffield, all with their own identity and range of good-tasting beers; there are at least a dozen more just outside Sheffield supplying Sheffield pubs. Sheffield is known as the British capital of beer.
Beer and conversation with team-mates will never be matched anywhere else.