Our City

Sheffield is a city of 540,000 or so people, in Yorkshire, in more or less central UK.

The city grew from industrial origins, with a considerable steel industry, and has now diversified into many new industries; from service to high technology.

At the same time the city has retained its character, with historical buildings, museums and parkland scattered in and around various city areas.

Victoria Quays - on the edge of the town centre

Transport links

The city is well connected with very good road and rail links, and several airports within a drive of approximately 1 hour. Two hours gets you to London on the train, an hour up to York, three hours or so up to Edinburgh in Scotland


  • East Midlands airport ~ 45 minutes
  • Doncaster-Sheffield Robin Hood airport ~ 45 minutes
  • Manchester airport ~ 1 hour 30 minutes

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Sheffield has a wide variety of sports - hockey, football, rugby, athletics . . . and many more
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City facilities

Sheffield has the facilties you would expect of any modern, major city, including :-

  • several shopping malls, with excellent shops
  • plenty of good quality restaurants with the food of many nations represented
  • plenty of good coffee shops
  • plenty of live music venues, including major acts appearing at the Hallam FM arena
  • Two Universities, totalling about 45,000 student places. We have very strong links with Sheffield University, and they offer us free and low cost courses
  • Plenty of sports - Read more: our sports page
  • Several cinema complexes
  • Theatres - Sheffield has the largest theatre complex outside of London - Read more : Sheffield theatres page
  • Casinos - Sheffield has 3 casinos, all with excellent restaurants. Membership is usually necessary before entry, although you can join on your first visit
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